Product Overview

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Real-Time Project Visibility

Enjoy instant updates on projects as data is logged on site

Detailed Project Forecasting

Utilise data collected on site to feed Tracka's forecasting algorithm


A simple and functional solution for making reports on the go

Full EVM Reporting Module

Use Tracka's dashboard to track S-Curve performance

Easy-to-use Companion Application

The companion app makes it possible to log field data quickly and efficiently

Offline Data Logging

Create log-files when cut off from the Internet. Tracka will sync data as soon as a connection is re-established

Streamlined Data Entry

Enter all data metrics once at the commencement of a project

Enterprise-Class Security Features

We undertake comprehensive audits to ensure your data is safe with us

MS Project Integration

Tracka can integrate fully with both Microsoft Project and other pre-existing systems

The Right Tool For The Job

The Tracka App is ready to re-launch after major reporting module upgrade!

After 12 years of consistently iterating and improving Tracka, we are ready to launch with a major update. Countless hours of testing in the field, working on projects with project managers and getting their direct feedback has led to the creation of what we believe to be the most powerful field-data collection tool on the market today

Want Complete Project Visibility?