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Industry Types

The versatility of Tracka makes it ideal for use by any company, in any industry. Here’s how...



Tracka is the perfect tool for the project manager looking to bring some transparency organisation into the volatile environment of the construction industry. Whether the build is a smaller residential project or a major industrial venture, Tracka can be used right the way through from initiation to project closure.

Providing live reporting from the field crews giving total clarity of project status
Live forecasting cost blowouts and contract delays
Use Tracka to assign materials and resources to the WBS area for each contract
Manage contractors and sub-contractors
Mark off project milestones as you complete them

Public Works


Whether it be facilities management, urban design, heritage and conservation, or public infrastructure implementation, Tracka can be implemented in any area of the public works sector. Use Tracka to standardise data logging across all aspects of a public works project and reduce the risk of any possible future litigation.

Standardised data logging
Cross organisational compatibility
In depth data visualisations
Add images to log files for maximum project transparency
Manage variations and changes to work items

Engineering & Consulting


Tracka is an invaluable tool for those in the engineering and consulting industry. Rather than inputting pages of data into an excel spreadsheet, Tracka’s innovative log-files allows managers to collect data from site and display them in a fully customisable, easy to read dashboard.

Receive updates when tasks are completed
Real time access to critical information for all stakeholders
Create highly detailed visual reports instantly
Integration with Microsoft Project
Track and maintain critical path activities



The real time forecasting and data-logging capabilities of Tracka make it an ideal tool for the manufacturing sector. In an industry where speed and efficiency is key, Tracka puts you in the best position to meet product manufacturing deadlines on time and on budget.

Use Tracka to effectively coordinate a cross-functional team
Track total costs and use forecasting to minimise blowouts
Avoid major supply chain slippage
Use Tracka to help hone the production process, making it efficient and cost effective as possible



The environmental industry often demands a strict set of guidelines that need to be completed when undertaking projects. Whether it be renewable energy projects, waste treatment, hazardous materials or pollution control to name a few, Tracka can help you reach the required targets and maintain an industry standard.

Log all resources and materials used to minimise wastage
Designate materials for resource recovery
Log and keep track of all hazardous materials on site



Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage procedures are a high-pressure period in any business, where wasted time and poor execution have the potential to cause major losses. The real-time capabilities of Tracka’s data logging and forecasting system serve to drastically improve the optimisation of an STO. We help to create a responsive and robust operational environment.

Knowledge is power. Tracka allows site knowledge to be transferred to key personnel throughout the project
Use Tracka to help make adaptable decisions mid STO
Optimise all resources at all times, cutting down on idle times for crews and machinery
Save time on mid STO data entry by entering all relevant parameters at the beginning of the project



Tracka is a programme that can be deployed throughout any industry, and maintenance is no exception. Whether you are in the business of maintaining trains, planes or automobiles from a week to a year Tracka can help you optimise your business.

Get rid of paper records and move into the digital world
Receive real-time updates on maintenance work as the data is logged
Allows management to improve efficiency based on past maintenance history
Companion APP means that even remote work is transparent
Use Tracka to optimise workflows and utilise real time forecasting to avoid potential delays before they occur
Make use of our comprehensive reporting from anywhere on the globe
Want Complete Project Visibility?