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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are a list of our most common Frequently Asked Questions.
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Tracka can be utilised by anyone that has work planned. This makes Tracka useful for most industry types. Example of industry types below.

  • Construction / Building / Infrastructure
  • Public Works
  • Consulting / Engineering
  • Oil and Gas / Mining
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing / Maintenance
  • Environmental
  • Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage (STO)
  • Rail/Transportation
  • Other

Minimum of 10 per account, there is no limit to the maximum number of users under an account.
The account owner controls the number of users through the administration area

Users are persons that are licensed to access our secure service.

Account data is kept in a secure server in the cloud. A user ID and password are required to log in. Each account has five levels of access for users. The account owner can set which user can see what and when through the administration area.

  • Viewer can only view the Project’s dashboard and log files.
  • User Has the same access rights as Viewer as well as able to create, print log files and access records.
  • Super User Has the same access rights as User as well as able to review site reports.
  • Manager Has the same access rights as a Super User as well as has access to all reports and can configure projects.
  • Account owner Has the same access rights as a Manager as well as account control.

You can start using the Sandbox test Project straight away. This is a training area within Tracka. There are a few short steps to setting up your own projects:-

  • Add team members
  • Add resources
  • Add survey questions
  • Create a Project
  • Create Contracts

To fully utilise Tracka you will need to also complete the planning section where you load resources and materials to track against.
For detailed instructions on this process, see the 'Help Files' that accompany each screen on the Tracka Dashboard.

Web Application Requirements

  • JavaScript must be on
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Resolution: > 1024 x 768 (Preferred)
  • Chrome is our supported Browser (Errors could occur in unsupported Browsers)

Mobile Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

Tracka can be set-up as simple or as complex as you like. Included in your licence free is 4 hours training and set-up assistance on your initial set-up.
We also offer in-house training or web conferencing tools to get your team off to a quick start. Contact us with any further training requirements.

Yes, the reporting module gives you the ability to create your own reports by providing you with a wide range of formats and filters

Yes, we have worked closely with many clients over the years and accommodated many tweaks and changes. Please provide your suggested improvements and feedback.

Yes, we combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.

Minimum of 10 users per account, check 152hq for the latest pricing.

Yes we do, contact us and we can let you know the details.

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