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Total Simplicity

The companion application is designed for ease of use when you are out on site. Our intuitive design keeps data collection simple, giving you more time to focus on the important aspects of a project

The Application

Intuitive UI

The application interface is designed for maximum simplicity and efficiency. Only the data you need will be made available, keeping bandwidth low and log-files organised

Hands-Free Functionality

Tracka has Voice-To-Text functionality so that you can create log-files on the go

Offline Data-Logging

Log-files can be created even when there is no Internet connection, making Tracka ideal for sites situated in remote location


Once log-files are locked in the companion app they are transferred to the dashboard, freeing up space and keeping the application free of clutter

Document Support

Attach supporting documents to log-files, such as invoices and receipts

Image Integration

Use your smartphone's camera to record images of all aspects of work on site and upload these with the corresponding log-files

Regular Updates

The companion app is kept constantly updated. Any changes that take place on the main Tracka dashboard will also be reflected here

Pre-loaded Data

The app draws on resources, manpower, machinery and scheduling data that can all be added at the beginning of a project, saving you time when creating log-files in the field

Comprehensive Data-Collection

Capture data to drive backend forecasting.

The data captured on site is invaluable. This is what powers the Tracka engine room, providing mountains of information to feed all your Earned Value Management calculations.

Enter data only once. Use the log-files to record every aspect of the project
Record all activity on site, from the weather, resources used, milestones accomplished & percent complete
Use log-files to maintain safety and quality control. Any incidents can be reported on as they happen, notifying all stakeholders immediately

Real-Time Project Updates

Data logged in the companion application is available, immediately.

Thanks to our cloud-based system, all data is transparent between devices as soon as it is logged. This allows project managers to have instant access to the information that feeds the reports they need to keep a project on track and on budget

Avoid the long turnaround wait on forecasting data that comes from traditional methods of data collection
Receive all data in a standardised template
Provide project transparency by sharing selected log-files to external parties when necessary
Want Complete Project Visibility?